South Florida

Fakahatchee Guzmania
Photographic Story Guzmania, Frangipangi, Gumbo Limbo…such musical names for plants and Fakahatchee is filled with those kinds of names! It is a magical place and very much a tropical forest available to see for those who get into the swamp. Once you do you will believe you have traveled back in time to the beginning of life on this earth.  Truly a treasure of South Florida. The Art of Hand Painting Black and White Photographs Photographed with a Sony digital camera and instead of oil painting with Q-tips and cotton balls, Niki was able to paint using Photoshop. Changing from the old-fashioned way of doing her art, to the new ‘fashion’ of using technology was challenging, but she’s enjoying getting back to her own personal expression. Archival Print Making Niki’s open edition gicleé artwork is printed on Sunset Bright Velvet Rag matte finish paper using eight archival inks. A state-of-the-art Epson Stylus Pro printer creates deep, rich dark values that hold subtle detail in the shadows as well as bright vivid colors that are truly tropical.

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