Ochopee, Florida

Skunk Ape HQ
Photographic Story This is always a fun place to stop. We call it Dave’s Place because it has more than the Skunk Ape Headquarters. He also has an RV park (Trail Lakes Campground), and Safari Eco Tours. In case you don’t know what a Skunk Ape is, it is in the family of Big Foot, Sasquach, etc. Dave is aware that the Skunk Ape is considered by many to be a figment of his imagination. I sometimes believe what he actually saw was Clyde out there hiking and carrying a large backpack of camera gear on his back. However, some events that have taken place on our property make me wonder if Dave is correct and there are Skunk Apes in the Everglades as he proclaims! Black and White Photographs Niki prints her images on fiber-base black and white mat surface paper in the darkroom, then using Q-tips and cotton balls, she applies a thin coat of oil paint over the surface allowing the image to gently be seen through the oil paint. Archival Print Making Niki’s open edition gicleé artwork is printed on Sunset Bright Velvet Rag matte finish paper using eight archival inks. A state-of-the-art Epson Stylus Pro printer creates deep, rich dark values that hold subtle detail in the shadows as well as bright vivid colors that are truly tropical.

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